To customize the prompt template or the default settings of the model, a configuration file is utilized. This file must adhere to the LocalAI YAML configuration standards. For comprehensive syntax details, refer to the advanced documentation. The configuration file can be located either remotely (such as in a Github Gist) or within the local filesystem or a remote URL.

LocalAI can be initiated using either its container image or binary, with a command that includes URLs of model config files or utilizes a shorthand format (like huggingface:// or github://), which is then expanded into complete URLs.

The configuration can also be set via an environment variable. For instance:

  # Command-Line Arguments
local-ai github://owner/repo/file.yaml@branch

# Environment Variable
MODELS="github://owner/repo/file.yaml@branch,github://owner/repo/file.yaml@branch" local-ai

Here’s an example to initiate the phi-2 model:

  docker run -p 8080:8080 localai/localai:v2.19.2-ffmpeg-core

You can also check all the embedded models configurations here.

Example: Customizing the Prompt Template

To modify the prompt template, create a Github gist or a Pastebin file, and copy the content from Alter the fields as needed:

  name: phi-2
context_size: 2048
f16: true
threads: 11
gpu_layers: 90
mmap: true
  # Reference any HF model or a local file here
  model: huggingface://TheBloke/phi-2-GGUF/phi-2.Q8_0.gguf
  temperature: 0.2
  top_k: 40
  top_p: 0.95
  chat: &template |
    Instruct: {{.Input}}
  # Modify the prompt template here ^^^ as per your requirements
  completion: *template

Then, launch LocalAI using your gist’s URL:

  ## Important! Substitute with your gist's URL!
docker run -p 8080:8080 localai/localai:v2.19.2-ffmpeg-core

Next Steps

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