All-In-One images are images that come pre-configured with a set of models and backends to fully leverage almost all the LocalAI featureset. These images are available for both CPU and GPU environments. The AIO images are designed to be easy to use and requires no configuration. Models configuration can be found here separated by size.

In the AIO images there are models configured with the names of OpenAI models, however, they are really backed by Open Source models. You can find the table below

| Category | Model name | Real model | | Text Generation | gpt-4 | phi-2(CPU) or hermes-2-pro-mistral(GPU) | | Multimodal | gpt-4-vision-preview | bakllava(CPU) or llava-1.6-mistral(GPU) | | Text generation | stablediffusion | stablediffusion(CPU) dreamshaper-8 (GPU) | | Audio transcription | whisper-1 | whisper with the whisper-base model | | Text to Audio | tts-1 | the en-us-amy-low.onnx model with rhasspy | | Embeddings | text-embedding-ada-002 | |


Select the image (CPU or GPU) and start the container with Docker:

  # CPU example
docker run -p 8080:8080 --name local-ai -ti localai/localai:latest-aio-cpu

LocalAI will automatically download all the required models, and the API will be available at localhost:8080.

Available images

Description Quay Docker Hub
Latest images for CPU localai/localai:latest-aio-cpu
Versioned image (e.g. for CPU) localai/localai:v2.12.4-aio-cpu
Latest images for Nvidia GPU (CUDA11) localai/localai:latest-aio-gpu-nvidia-cuda-11
Latest images for Nvidia GPU (CUDA12) localai/localai:latest-aio-gpu-nvidia-cuda-12
Latest images for AMD GPU localai/localai:latest-aio-gpu-hipblas
Latest images for Intel GPU (sycl f16) localai/localai:latest-aio-gpu-intel-f16
Latest images for Intel GPU (sycl f32) localai/localai:latest-aio-gpu-intel-f32

Available environment variables

The AIO Images are inheriting the same environment variables as the base images and the environment of LocalAI (that you can inspect by calling --help). However, it supports additional environment variables available only from the container image

Variable Default Description
PROFILE Auto-detected The size of the model to use. Available: cpu, gpu-8g
MODELS Auto-detected A list of models YAML Configuration file URI/URL (see also running models)

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