BMO Chatbo

Generate and brainstorm ideas while creating your notes using Large Language Models (LLMs) such as OpenAI’s “gpt-3.5-turbo” and “gpt-4” for Obsidian.

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  • Chat from anywhere in Obsidian: Chat with your bot from anywhere within Obsidian.
  • Chat with current note: Use your chatbot to reference and engage within your current note.
  • Chatbot responds in Markdown: Receive formatted responses in Markdown for consistency.
  • Customizable bot name: Personalize the chatbot’s name.
  • System role prompt: Configure the chatbot to prompt for user roles before responding to messages.
  • Set Max Tokens and Temperature: Customize the length and randomness of the chatbot’s responses with Max Tokens and Temperature settings.
  • System theme color accents: Seamlessly matches the chatbot’s interface with your system’s color scheme.
  • Interact with self-hosted Large Language Models (LLMs): Use the REST API URL provided to interact with self-hosted Large Language Models (LLMs) using LocalAI.


To use this plugin, with LocalAI, you will need to have the self-hosted API set up and running. You can follow the instructions provided by the self-hosted API provider to get it up and running. Once you have the REST API URL for your self-hosted API, you can use it with this plugin to interact with your models. Explore some GGUF models at theBloke.

How to activate the plugin

Two methods:

Obsidian Community plugins (Recommended):

  1. Search for “BMO Chatbot” in the Obsidian Community plugins.
  2. Enable “BMO Chatbot” in the settings.

To activate the plugin from this repo:

  1. Navigate to the plugin’s folder in your terminal.
  2. Run npm install to install any necessary dependencies for the plugin.
  3. Once the dependencies have been installed, run npm run build to build the plugin.
  4. Once the plugin has been built, it should be ready to activate.

Getting Started

To start using the plugin, enable it in your settings menu and enter your OpenAPI key. After completing these steps, you can access the bot panel by clicking on the bot icon in the left sidebar. If you want to clear the chat history, simply click on the bot icon again in the left ribbon bar.

Supported Models

  • OpenAI
    • gpt-3.5-turbo
    • gpt-3.5-turbo-16k
    • gpt-4
  • Anthropic
    • claude-instant-1.2
    • claude-2.0
  • Any self-hosted models using LocalAI

Other Notes

“BMO” is a tag name for this project, inspired by the character BMO from the animated TV show “Adventure Time.”