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Kairos - Kubernetes-focused, Cloud Native Linux meta-distribution

The immutable Linux meta-distribution for edge Kubernetes.

Github Link - https://github.com/kairos-io/kairos


With Kairos you can build immutable, bootable Kubernetes and OS images for your edge devices as easily as writing a Dockerfile. Optional P2P mesh with distributed ledger automates node bootstrapping and coordination. Updating nodes is as easy as CI/CD: push a new image to your container registry and let secure, risk-free A/B atomic upgrades do the rest. Kairos is part of the Secure Edge-Native Architecture (SENA) to securely run workloads at the Edge (whitepaper).

Kairos (formerly c3os) is an open-source project which brings Edge, cloud, and bare metal lifecycle OS management into the same design principles with a unified Cloud Native API.


  • :bowtie: Community Driven
  • :octocat: Open Source
  • :lock: Linux immutable, meta-distribution
  • :key: Secure
  • :whale: Container-based
  • :penguin: Distribution agnostic

Kairos can be used to:

  • Easily spin-up a Kubernetes cluster, with the Linux distribution of your choice :penguin:
  • Create your Immutable infrastructure, no more infrastructure drift! :lock:
  • Manage the cluster lifecycle with Kubernetes—from building to provisioning, and upgrading :rocket:
  • Create a multiple—node, a single cluster that spans up across regions :earth_africa:

For comprehensive docs, tutorials, and examples see our documentation.